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Custom Carports and Awnings is a family owned and operated business striving to exceed customer expectations. Service doesn’t stop after contracts are signed, dedicated service continues for years after completion. We try to create with you, rather than tell you. It’s your home and we would like to enhance it for you.

Custom Carports and Awnings is growing in leaps and bounds through a hunger for new exciting designs and constant standards of excellence.

Using state of the art products from various suppliers we aim to create a design that will stand the test of time through durability and styling.

With the main construction undertaken by Glen who is assisted by a diverse team builders experienced in many facets of design and construction. Glen has throughout the years has trained and mastered the various aspects of design and construction (over 750 built).

Our aim is to create a design with you, that leave’s your home with a versatile and functional design . It’s your home and we would like to enhance it for you

Our ability isn’t  limited to flat awnings, coordinating with cutting edge technology we are able to faciltate custom one off dsigns.

Give Glen a call today and he will gladly give you the right advice over the phone or visiti  your home or workplace and provide you with a thorough, obligation free, written quote.