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Project 3

February 6, 2015.

We were contacted via our client that wanted to bring country charm to the middle of the suburbia. The intitial briefing was, the client had moved from an acreage property to a residential block and wanted the country charm without the extensive upkeep of an acreage property.

Discussion’s were had regarding design, function and textures. the client¬† requested reclaimed hardwood and recycled colourbond to used alongside some of their exisitng antique fixtures.

Reclaimed timbers were sourced and the project bargain. The client wanted to incorporate and old gate from their farm and a lead window that was salvaged from a property. Due to the unusual design, along side the client we derived a concept and allowed flexibilty to change the concept during construction. As with some of our designs they are custom made and not prefabricated it may allow the option of changes to the concept during construction.

With the design and construction of this project it was a pleasure to undertake with client. The idea was derived form the client and they allowed us a trusted freedom to execute their idea.

Concepts can be tailored to suit your budgets or needs. Feel Free to contact us.